Why Your Fitness Regimen Needs a Shaman – Like, yesterday.

The wellness world, especially where fitness is concerned, can be overly consumed by what is seen. There’s a presumption, understandably so, that what happens with our health is straight forward, scientific, and obvious, but maybe this isn’t all there is to it.

Colleen McCann, founder of Style Rituals, knows better than most how to align the things that are right before our eyes and the energetic. Having worked ten years in the fashion industry, she began to uncover intuitive gifts that could heal herself and others, and set out to study shamanism. After 5 years of study, she shifted focus, taking on full time work as a shaman, intuitive medium and reiki master.

In the first collaboration between The Local Skill and Style Rituals, Shay and Colleen co-hosted a Moon Ceremony, along with High Priestess and Shaman Ace Carter Evans. This workshop saw participants focusing their intentionality to call things in and out of their lives.


An upcoming series of workshops features a perfect marriage of skills: Colleen and Shay will lead participants to explore the relationship between “flexing our intuitive muscle” and our physical ones as well.

We asked Colleen a some questions to help “skillers” wrap their heads around working with a Shaman and what to expect:

TLS: How might you introduce your work to someone who hasn’t had any experience with Shamans?

CM: To me being a shaman is being someone who works as a conduit between the seen and unseen, and we’re here to pass messages, feeling, advice to our clients.

TLS: What sorts of situations do you help people work through?

CM: I get a range: work stresses to boyfriend problems, body image, personal power issues, kind of getting back on track in life. Girls that feel like they’re on a similar path to mine, and know that they’re supposed to be some sort of healer, intuitive, and they come to me to learn how to walk the road. Anything that goes on in the conscious collective on this planet affects my work.

TLS: What does this all have to do with fitness? How do physical wellness and energetic work relate?

CM: Things happen energetically before they ever manifest mentally, physically or emotionally. When you start working with the energetic level, it comes in to those other pieces and vice versa. Like if you’re feeling down and you start a great workout routine, that’s going to lift your energy. They need to hold hands and work together. People so far have focused on mental, physical and emotional aspects, and I talk about something called spiritual hygiene. You want to work out, you want to eat right, you want to sleep well, but why aren’t you working on your energy too? It’s the fourth missing component to good health.

Here’s what to expect from the upcoming collaboration with The Local Skill and Style Rituals:

Session 1: Crystals 101 – learn about crystals and how they affect the body’s energy.

Session 2: How to Tap Your Intuition --  participate in a guided meditation, learn how to work with a pendulum, journaling exercises, and work with tarot cards.

Session 3: Rituals and Ceremonies – learn about rituals and ceremonies from three types of Shamanism and Feng Shui with body work routines that compliment.


                                                                                              Keep #Skillinit, Mandy @ TLS