They're so pretty + they give us some feels, but what the heck do we use crystals for + why?

We have crystals all over the place at #SkillHaus + we gotta tell you, our vibes are alway high! 

Are you also attracted to shiny rocks but don't know how to use em? Do you want to get physically, mentally + spiritually attuned? Are you ready to receive practical tips for living a consciously creative + mystical life?

We got you. 

Fitness guru Shay Kostabi + Shamanic Healer Colleen Mccann are partnering up to bring you series of magical events. 


Why the heck do we need shiny stones for spiritual hygiene + many more answers to your mystical questions will be revealed like:  

  • How can I use crystals to super-charge my physical, mental + spiritual health?
  • I hear you have to clean + charge these babies up... how do I do that? 
  • How do I know if a crystal is "mine" or right for me? 
  • I need more of this thing called attunement. Tell me how, oh mystical Shaman!

Session 1 March 16th: Crystals 101 | Shiny Stones for Good Spiritual Hygiene // $110.00

What you get

  • mini mediation + movement session with Shay
  • intuitive tarot reading with Colleen
  • practical tips, practices + advice for crystal work

Session 2 June 8th: Shamanic Shazam | How to Tap Into Your Intuition // $55.00

Session 3 TBD: Rituals & Ceremonies: Practices to help ground, focus and manifest what we want in life // $55.00

* All attendees will leave each class in the series with a complimentary curated bag of crystals from Energy Muse Crystal Shop as well as other goodies from our local sponsors. 

Plus, an opportunity to shop for mystical add-ons to create your own medicine bag or altar!

The Tap in Trifecta: Participate in all three sessions for a discount! // $199.00

Spots are limited. Sign up today!