At the Local Skill, we are always looking for the freshest movers + makers stirring things up in Los Angeles. We are so proud to announce that our friend + Local Creator, Brandon Kyle Goodman will be launching his 45 minute physical mediation class #BMoved at Skill Haus beginning...

Sunday March 19th at 5pm.  

What the heck is Physical Mediation? Well, it might actually be for someone just like you. We interviewed Brandon so you can be in the know before you know. 

TLS: B, tell us all about your badass-creative-meditating self.

BG: I grew up in a house where meditation was standard. I hated it though and could never get into it. The idea of sitting still for an hour was never appealing. Upon moving to LA and pursuing my career as an actor/writer I quickly realized with all the highs and lows that I needed a practice. A spiritual practice to keep me grounded in the face of so much uncertainty. Mediation came back up as a possibility I started studying different approaches to it and realized that there is no one right way to meditate. Singing is a form of mediating. Dancing, writing, coloring. What you're after is a state of being and a release. The ability to be present. As an artist I know so many people like me who can't sit still, so I wanted to create a class that would allow us to lean into our inability to sit still as a means to find ultimate stillness of mind, spirit, and soul.

TLS: Wow! I bet this is surprising to so many people who think that the only way to inner bliss is to sit still for a really long time. What a relief! Ok, so... what does meditation mean for you? 

BG: Mediation means a tool to maintain sanity in a world of insanity. As they say, in a world of Kardashians be Princess Diana. 

TLS: Dude... and the definition of sanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results! So we love your fresh approach to finding (and teaching us) new + various ways to find peace of mind. As Shay would say, we gotta #shaykitup! Ok, so why do you think it's so important to adopt a mediation practice? 

BG: A mediation practice or any spiritual practice is important because it's really easy to get swept away in so many things that don't serve your greater purpose or goals. Meditation allows you to get clear about what it is you want out of life, and creates path to getting it. It's the ultimate self-care.

TLS: We totally need more of that. What can we expect in the first session? 

BG: In your first session, you can expect awesome music, a safe space, great people like yourself, and a whole lot of love.

TLS: Basically... sign us up now! Ok, but what if someone reading this blog isn't a DTLA local. How can they get started at home? 

BG: Get started by finding a quiet space; your bedroom, car, the patio. Sit still, close your eyes, take three breaths. Inhale, exhale. After the last exhale simply say, "I am enough". Then open your eyes. Take three more breaths. One more time say, "I am enough".  I dare you not to feel a shift in your self. :)

TLS: We love it! You heard it here folks.... Let's #BMoved!!

Join us Sundays 5PM at Skill Haus!