The Local Skill is a Creative Wellness Collective + Fitness Consulting Agency in DTLA. Our mission is to merge art + wellness through original programming, one-of-a-kind experiential events, classes, workshops and digital content in the Los Angeles area (and sometimes, beyond).

Our consulting arm helps new studios find their creative flair by creating cutting edge programming and beautifully branded content. We can also help take established brands to the next level with immersive workshop events, continuing education and fresh digital content.

By curating and showcasing local talent, gurus, artists, vendors, creators, chefs and change makers we are creating a community where health, wellness and working out is not just something we “have to do” but is an integral, artistic and vital part of our daily lives. For the Local Skill, creating a healthy body, mind and lifestyle is in fact an art and art is the inspiration for a life of wholesome wellness. The Local Skill is an Artistic Wellness Collective merging art + wellness through one-of-a-kind experiential events, classes and workshops in our Skill Haus Studio as well as the Los Angeles area. 

At The Local Skill, we don’t just sweat and go. We commune, we create, we socialize, we experience, eat, drink, dance and play together. Each project is carefully curated and crafted to be a one-of-a-kind experience, while the core vibe and tribe will remain the same. We host weekly and monthly activities where we can come together to celebrate the ever changing dynamic of our city and it’s culture and immerse ourselves in the things we value most; inspirational events with our community that inspire each individual to create their own Body of Art. 


Shay Kostabi
Co-Founder // Artistic Director


Jesse DeYoung
Co-Founder // Photographer

The Local Skill was founded by Shay Kostabi and Jesse DeYoung. Shay is a fitness professional and personality with a background in the performing arts and Jesse DeYoung is a professional photographer with a background in personal training. So they have a mutual love for fitness, art, architecture, photography, handmade and specialty goods, local designers and a fierce passion for building community and culture.

After traveling, shooting, sweating and yes… dating for over three years these artistic health-nuts longed to find a way to not only work together, but to collaborate with some of the amazing talent they’ve met over the years in an environment that had yet to exist outside their own imaginations.

And so, The Local Skill was born. An creative wellness collective + artistic consulting agency curating and showcasing local skill through experiential events + original content. The Local Skill's mission is to elevate your typical workout experience into an immersive artistic experience. Shay and Jesse’s long list of contacts and keen eye for style allow them to discover the best in local fitness, art, taste and design + tailer each project to the movers + makers they collaborate with. 

THE SKILL HAUS is The Local Skill's home base and DTLA's newest creative studio.

In addition to producing and holding our own creative wellness events, our Haus is also available for rent via Peerspace.

  • Host your own EVENT, class, workout or workshop

  • book the studio for a video or photoshoot with us or on your own  

  • Rates vary depending on your needs, so just drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss accommodating your creative needs!

If your work contributes to the enrichment of the community's health and well-being or education in local art, craftwork and culture, our Haus is your Haus.

Let's Work Together!

Interested in booking in an event at the Skill Haus?



If you are a creator, maker or designer in the world of art + wellness, than YOU ARE the local skill and we want to work with you!

Shoot us an email & submit your bio for the opportunity to collaborate on media, events and workshops.