Every month we choose a new location, fit squad, run club or outdoor activity that celebrates #ArtistryinFitness so you can get your sweat on in a creative, adventurous way... FOR FREE. Follow us around the city as we explore Creative Cardio options OR if you discover your own routine, start your own squad. We'll totally support you.


Local-ish adventures

It's not a staycation, but it's not exactly in town either. Join us on a 1 or 2 day excursion where you can expect a healthy dose of art, physical activity, skill sharing and sightseeing. We take care of everything so you can tune in, turn on, un-plug and reconnect.




Our annual one day creative wellness and shopping event featuring local fitness artists and local makers in the LA area. Come support DTLA's local talent and participate in group classes, workshops and informational talks that motivate and inspire.